Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Statistics on Progress Made in Iraq Mon Jun 28

Statistics on Progress Made in Iraq

Statistics on Progress Made in Iraq --- Mon Jun 28, 6:49 PM ET 

By The Associated Press


A look at progress in Iraq


_ Electricity production has reached 4,100 megawatts, short of the coalition's goal of 6,000 megawatts by June 30.

prewar from 300 megawatts to 4,400 megawatts.


_ Electricity is now spread evenly across the country. Baghdad, which used to be favored under Saddam Hussein (news - web sites)'s regime, now gets 8-12 hours of electricity a day Prewar  - 20 hours before the war.


_ The overall number of telephones in Iraq, including cell phones, is up nearly 46 percent since before the war. Cellular (news - web sites) phone usage has soared with more than 429,300 subscribers nationwide.

More than 201,000 subscribers have had their land telephone lines reinstated, but there are still only 784,200 land lines, compared to 833,000 before the war.


_ More than 2,200 schools and 240 hospitals have been "rehabilitated,"


 _ As of January 2004,  860 secondary school master trainers, and 31,772 secondary teachers and administrative staff, were trained in programs funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development.


_ School supply kits have been distributed to 1.5 million secondary school students, 808,000 primary school students and 81,735 primary school teachers.


_ About 8.7 million new math and science textbooks have been distributed. The World Bank (news - web sites) has issued a grant for $40 million for new textbooks for 6 million primary and secondary students.


_ Twenty Iraqis have received Fulbright grants to study abroad, and six are women.


_ More than 77,000 public works jobs have been created through the National Employment Program.


_ Sixteen provincial councils have been established, along with 78 district councils, 192 city or sub-district councils, and 392 neighborhood councils.


_ Health-care spending in Iraq has increased some 30 times over prewar levels.

Between June 2003 and April 2004, more than 3 million children under five were vaccinated against diseases. A U.S. grant to the Iraqi Nursing Association will go toward training more nurses and buying uniforms, bed linens and nurses' kits.


_ The new Iraqi dinar has been stable, and its value has risen by 25 percent over last fall, when the conversion was under way.


Sources: Coalition Provisional Authority, U.S. Department of Defense (news - web sites), U.S. Agency for International Development.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Cheney uses the F word and "bragged that he felt good about it."
What was it about? Sen. Pat Leahy accused Halliburton of overcharged
taxpayers $186 million in Iraq, and Leahy calls it war profiteering.
I have heard that Cheney still receive money from Halliburton.
QUESTION - Do you think it is Appropriate for the VPres to use Filthy language?

Thomas P. W. Barnett - http://www.thomaspmbarnett.com/weblog/ - take a look.


Thursday, June 24, 2004

Do a Google Search on  - Bush Condoms. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!
"The second part of a domestic strategy to fight AIDS is prevention. I think it's really important for us to focus on prevention. We can learn from the experiences of other countries when it comes to a good program to prevent the spread of AIDS, like the nation of Uganda. They've started what they call the A-B-C approach to prevention of this deadly disease. That stands for: Abstain, be faithful in marriage, and, when appropriate, use condoms. That's what A-B-C stands for. And it's working. I like to call it a practical, balanced and moral message. I say it's working because Uganda has cut its AIDS infection rate to 5 percent over 10 years. Prevention works." (Applause.)
A - Abstain.    B - Be faithful in marriage     C - Use Condoms, when appropriate.


Monday, June 21, 2004

Mills Lane

Remember Mills Lane - the Boxing Referee - that was - in REAL Life a Judge in Reno? He suffered a stroke at his Reno home in 2002. Is scheduled to leave the United States next week to undergo stem cell injections at a Ukrainian hospital to help him recover. He started to receive injections of adult stem cells taken from his own bone marrow in August.


 “Mills is going back for a third time to the Ukraine, where he is part of clinical research with the bone marrow-type stem cell research, and he feels grateful to be part of the beginning of this very promising medical breakthrough,” his wife said. “There has been slight improvement so far and I am very optimistic. We should see results in three weeks.”


Since then, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first clinical trial in the United States to test bone marrow stem cell therapy for severe heart failure. That trial, being conducted by the Texas Heart Institute in Houston, was approved earlier this year.


But by then, Kaye Lane already had taken her husband twice to the hospital in Kharkov, Ukraine, where doctors injected so-called “adult” or stromal stem cells first into his spine and then into his brain.


Stromal stem cells differ from fetal stem cells, which are the center of a controversy that emerged again last week when former first lady Nancy Reagan advocated their use for research, pitting her against federal policy and the beliefs of President Bush.


The doctors and staff at the hospital in Kharkov have refused payment for the treatment, she said.


Lane also refereed international boxing matches that included Michael Tyson’s infamous 1997 ear-biting bout with Evander Holyfield.


Colorful and often uncompromising, Lane signaled the start of each bout he refereed with his signature phrase, “Let’s get it on,” an expression that also summarized his attitude toward life.

More on the shooting

Wanted to keep you in the loop.
This morning I received another Email from the
friend of the shooter.
Here it is.
Tell me a little about yourself.
How old are you?
Do you go to school?
Which one?
I used to usher at the Thomas & Mack
I don't any more,
but my wife Joye still does.
We ushered Basketball and football - at Sam Boyd Stadium
worked the concerts and other events
but MY favorites was the High School Graduations.
Last year we worked 20 of the 26 HSchools in LV.
I Listened to EVERY one of the addresses by the students.
The younger generation -
the one YOU belong to
gets a Bum Rap.
You all are Smart,
and as YOUR Email to me PROVED
YOU are caring.
Thank you for returning my message-now i have to admit i was expecting a reply but thank you very much for doing so. I had i feeling you didnt write this because another name was found on the article Eddie Williams ED.From.NY@lvcm.com i tried to send an e-mail to him also but the e-mail was soon denied.
I sent an Email to Eddie yesterday
after I thought about it
and realized
it WAS NOT ME that wrote the posting you read.
His Email has changed.
I figured you had read it before hand though and must has agreed with it in order to post it.
I should have
but didn't.
I have several Bloggers.
If you want to have one of your own
let me know
and I will help you develop it.
They are FREE and EASY to do.
I will send you another email about them.
The way I do email is
I reply
and enter my comments as I read it.
In the case of your Email
I am Anxious to read the rest of it,
but doing it this way,
it is like Talking to someone.
What impressed me about YOUR Email was
that YOU cared enough to even write me
and you said it SO well.
I sent my reply to several people
as well as posted it on my Bloggers.
The Replies I got back from them
and there were a LOT
ALL said the same thing -
ABOUT how Caring YOU were.
Your Friend was LUCKY to have had a friend like you.
You Treasure his memory.
GOOD for you.
Now, im not trying to out due you or Eddie in any way i just wanted to change the way you may have seen this incident by knowing the more truth in it.
The article I sent you that the RJ ran
was an editorial
NOT a news article.
As I read your FIRST email
I thought at first
you might have read one of the posting to the RJ.
For some reason the RJ is trying to Legalize Dope in NV
and I am against it.
Stories like your friends
and the Jessica Girl that ran over the highway workers
to me are PROOF enough
that Dope is BAD.
And I write about it being bad.
If you could at all find any way i could get in touch with this EDDIE i would be ever so greatful because in his letter i see so much anger in which he writes. Im just trying to change the minds who see this as ANOTHER kid with a hand gun. Please forgive me if i sound like im defending breaking the law in any way, im just trying to help him justify himself since he no longer can.
I will send this to Eddie
and give him YOUR email address.
It will be up to him
whether to contact you or not.
Either way,
PLEASE keep in touch with me.
One of the people I sent this to was Paige.
Here is PART of what she said -
"why not start a programs where he goes to schools and tells his story.  Show pictures.  Beat it into these kids heads that you don't live forever.  And what you do today can effect the rest of your life."
I hope you think about it.
It was be a PERFECT Tribute to your friend.
Thanks again,
and keep in touch.


Here is PROOF that Rush Lies.
Go to -
That is a TRANSCRIPT on Rush's website. It has -
"400 liberal professors yesterday called (http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/politics/20040616-1517-kennedy-impeachment.html ) for the beginning of impeachment investigations against the president and his top advisors. Four hundred liberal professors demand impeachment investigations begin, and then we've got all these ex-State Department people claiming that Bush is ruining our foreign policy. (story) These are all liberals.
To SEE the lie with your own eyes go to the address after Called above.
HERE IS WHAT IT REALLY SAYS - The best way to solve things "is to elect John Kerry," said Kennedy, appearing beside
two Harvard professors at a news conference upstairs from his Senate office. The professors presented a letter signed by more than 400 legal scholars urging members of the House and Senate to consider impeaching the president and any high level administration officials who approved the Iraqi prisoner abuses.
Read it for yourself, then tell me - What medication is it Rush takes?

Subject: I read your your unpublished letter to thr RJ


I got an email this morning from someone that had read something I posted on my website a year ago.


The ONLY changes I made to the letter I received

is - I took out the names to protect their privacy.


Her message to me is in UNBold

and My input is in BOLD.




Thank you for writing.


I will reply to your email.


When I reply to Email

I do it inside what YOU wrote to me.

I do it that way

to make it more like a conversation.


Please Reply to me.


Subject: I read your your unpublished letter to thr RJ


             A good friend of mine died from 3 gunshot wounds a year ago on July 1st in a 7-11 parking lot.


I am sorry your friend died.


I read an input you wrote and/or posted for the RJ and i was discusted! Now if you are not familiar with what i am talking about it was the 16, (--------) who held up a fireworks stand on rainbow and flamigo, yes a K-9 funraiser. now do not get me wrong i am not justifying the act of robbery or guns at the least but i was very upset at the comments you included and the mood in which you said them in.


I really am not sure what I said,

or the way I said it.

I try to be fair.


I went to the Review Journal Web Site Archives - to read Their account of what happened.

I did a search of - (--------)

but there was nothing there.


I also did a search on Google = nothing there

and on Yahoo = nothing there either.


You have to take granted that our state Nevada basically protects alchol, prostitution and gambling, since that is our "Resourse" for tourism.


Alcohol, and Gambling are Legal in MOST of Nevada. I guess Boulder City is the ONLY place where it is Illegal.

Prostitution is legal in SOME counties.

I don’t EVER remember writing about Prostitution.


Now, teenagers may drink, they may drink alot or smoke weed or any other type of drug


It is against the law for teenagers to drink alcohol.

If they do, they break the law, and should be punished.


How do you feel about Lawbreakers?

Do YOU believe

those that break the law should be punished?


and it doesnt seem wrong because everyone else in this state does it,


Let’s stop here for a second.

“everyone else in the state” DOES NOT DO IT.


but keep in mind this does not make you a bad person or a bad child distinctly for drinking, now does it?



I am NOT sure, Bad, is the right word.


It has to do with Intent.

What was the Intent of the Law.


It is MY opinion, that the intent of the law to have to be Over 21 to drink alcohol, the intent is to keep people UNDER 21 from drinking, and if they CHOOSE to break the law they will be punished.


Choice is important.

People make BAD decisions in life.

I think we should all TRY not to make Bad decisions.

I think it is the DUTY of a GOOD Citizen to obey the law.

I Try to.

I hope YOU try to also.


A child should not" be killed " for making a wrong decision


I agree.


expecially while under the influence there were many other ways to have handeled it, even shooting him in the arm would have him down for an hour. You also must know about peer presure in this town well that is what happened to him okea...

he was out drinking with some friends ...

and he does like to drink, well a so called friend of his happened to slipped  a pill in his drink -

unknowingly to everyone until after the funeral-

then he handed (--------) a gun and 2 others were on his back

encouraging him to rob a fireworks stand so they could catch it on camra,

and he fell in..now when the boys were discussing this (--------) stated" well hey, goin to jail for 3 months isnt so bad"


Going to jail for ONE Second is bad.


never came the thought of dying. No (--------) did go to the stand of Buffalo and got away but i'll tell you one thing that (--------) is a Liar. (--------) never counted down..never said " im gonna blow your wife's head off"

i have evidence that there was only a few seconds from when (--------) walked up to the firebooth and when he dropped on the ground. He could have shot him in the leg or the arm but its the beliefs they have have as cops that make them feel that they have power, that they can do almost anything and get away with it. The cowards (--------) called his friends sped away as soon as they heard gun fire.

Now i just wanted you to hear the true story behind all of this and i cant change what you wrote a year ago but i can change your mind today.


Just think about it..think about it being your son ...wouldnt you want the police to have better tactics to deal with the lives of young children?"...now while being his friend i have been questioned alot and the comments i get from the police are sicking. .their actions are also!!...Now

i was told by an officer that he had watched (--------) bleed to death and COULD have saved him...but diddnt...

then another officer came in the funeral...while it was going on and starting taking pictures of everyone..they parked their cars about 30ft from where the Cemetary was and watched everyone leave.


Well they watched me very closly and stopped me not even 40ft from the Cemetary and

made smart comments like

" why were you friends with him"

"so poor you had to get him a plaque"

"he looked better with make-up anyways" and the one that reallly pissed me off"

Shoot em' 3 times in the right spot and they flop".


Now i read your letter a year ago and i just now am writting it o there is probably more information than i even expected to write but i hope this changes your view a little.


I sure am glad you wrote to me.

Thanks a LOT!!!!!


As you can tell

it took me quite a bit of time

to read your letter

and for me to add my comments.


I PROMISE YOU I will think of this more

and hope it is OK with you,

I will write you again.


I am going to share this with others

so THEY can feel YOUR pain.


Please, keep in touch.

I hope your life is happier now.

I am SURE you will NEVER forget your friend,

and you shouldn’t.






Sincerely ,




Thursday, June 17, 2004

5% LESS to throw away

Clinton Refuses to acknowledge that Perjury was the REASON for his impeachment.


Update to the Cry Baby NewsMax article on the Press Printing the Truth on Bush -

what they call - Liberal Media bias.

They Expect ALL Media to follow the lead of 24/7 Fox News Channel and 3 hours a day of Rush.

Give me ONE example of a falsehood by the Liberal Media. Just ONE.


NEW YORK (AdAge.com)  -- Advertising spending will hit $140.3 billion in the U.S. during 2004.

CEO of TNS Media Intelligence, predicted 'a very good year' for the advertising industry.

A 5% Sales Tax on Advertising (STONA) would give $7 Billion to the states.


Let me give you an example of how a 5% Sales Tax on Advertising (STONA) would effect you.

In the Sunday LV Review Journal YOU threw away 280 pages of those Inserts, that NOBODY looks at. If 5% of the spending on them had got to STONA you would have only thrown away 266 pages of unread or unlooked at inserts.


The 2004 political Campaign will spend a record $1.5 billion in political ad spending.

Some believe that $1.5 Billion will buy a LOT of INFLUENCE.


Wednesday, June 16, 2004

They are picking on W again!

I subscribe to a newsletter from the HATE FILLED NewsMax so I can see how they are spreading the Hate today.

This just in. I put NMax in UNBOLD and MY input in Bold, so you can tell - who is saying what.


So, here goes - Boo!!! Hoo!!!! They are picking on Poor W again.

NewsMax Exposes $2 Billion Media War on Bush

The NewsMax report reveals that buying just a few minutes of ad time on

Howard Stern's national radio program each day until Election Day would cost Kerry $43 million.

But the senator gets that free, as Stern has dedicated himself to defeating President Bush.

Often Stern spends more than five minutes a day using his national radio show, with 8.5 million weekly listeners, to urge his fans to vote against Bush.


Besides Stern here is their List of - who hates Bush.

The big networks:

Dan Rather,

Did you Hear the Enron recording? I did. I heard them on Rather.

Peter Jennings                                                                                                                                              

Tom Brokaw

Matt Lauer,

Harry Smith,

ABC's Terry Moran

CNN's John King.

Katie Couric,

Maureen Dowd

Al Franken

New York Times



book publishing industry


films, from "The Day After Tomorrow" to

Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11."




The real reason Hollywood hates Bush

(no, it's not about the war; it's his Christian faith!).

Wonder HOW they KNOW that?


Here is a list of people that SHOULD HATE BUSH.

Taxpayers - because of the deficit

Telephone users - because the stopped competition at the local level

People alarmed about AID’s - because Bush cut off funding for countries that promote Condom use.

People living on Minimum Wage - Bush opposes an increase

Relatives of those that have died in this war.

Questions for Bush

Questions for Bush -

Questions for Bush -

If things are going So Well in Afghanistan. Why is DOPE production at an ALL TIME HIGH?


Answers - NONE, so far.