Monday, June 22, 2009

I wish we had -
Health Care Coverage for EVERYONE
ALL Students had the BEST Teachers
Every Child is LOVED.

One Tax - A National Sales Tax - NSTx -
A UN whose Goal was - PEACE in the World
Channel Choice - where we ONLY pay for the Channels WE WANT
Workers had a Voice
NO political Parties
ALL Paid Their Share
ALL People obeyed the Speed Limit and ALL Laws
NO Spam, Hackers, or Virus'

Monday, June 15, 2009

The RICH do not pay their share

In the June 22, 2009 issue of Forbes Magazine
there was a list of the
100 Top Celebrities annual earning
The Total they earn is
$4 Billion, 191.5 MILLION

If they paid into Soc Sec on EVERY cent they earned
like you and I do
they would pay in
Instead of the
They currently pay.

If they paid THEIR SHARE
So that Soc Sec and Medicare
would last forever.